Throughout all the courses I have taken in the political science umbrella some stand out to me as having truly changed the way I understand politics, social movements, and people. Here is my list of recommended articles that have changed the way I perceive the political world.

  • “The Prosperous Community: Social Capital and Public Life” by Robert D. Putnam
    Question it tackles: What is the importance of trust in a community and how is it related to the success of a state?
  • “War making and state making as organized crime” by Charles Tilly
    Question it tackles: What is the difference between a mob violence and governmental violence?
  • “The Third Wave” by Samuel Huntington
    Question it answers: How has democracy come about around the world?
  • “Polyarchy” by Robert Dahl
    Question it answers: What are some paths towards democracy
  •  “Types and functions of parties” by Richard Gunther and Larry Diamond
    Question it answers: How important are political parties? What types exist?